Blog content and strategy for SaaS and B2B brands that want visibility, growth and conversions

Quality content is essential—you don’t need me to tell you that.

But this might sound familiar…


You’re focused on growing your product and producing results for your clients and customers, so you don’t have time to create content


You’ve created content in the past, but it hasn’t performed the way you expected


You actually have a steady content plan in place and you’re getting results from it, but you don’t have enough hours in the day to scale it

Hey there, content manager!

Ok, you might be a CMO, head of inbound marketing, or head of growth. You want content that turns your audience from casual readers into leads, customers, and raving brand advocates.

B2B decision-makers have a finite amount of time for reading content, which leads to a strong preference for high-value content.

I can help you create content that aligns with the needs of your clients at every stage of the buying journey.

Here is what you get from my premium copywriting services:

Engaging and Educational Stories in Google docs

Your readers don’t care about you. They care about finding solutions to their problems in a clear and fast manner. I can help you create stories that are easy to read and provides solutions your readers are looking for.

Perfect GIFs, High-Quality Images and Screenshots where necessary.

GIFS helps us to accurately convey our thoughts and feelings when we are limited to virtual communication. I can help you get the perfect GIF for your blog post. I use expert tools like Skitch to take high-quality screenshots with illustrations. Or do you need stock images? Still no worries. I can source high-quality images using sites like Unsplash and PixaBay.

Upload to any content management system if requested

Which content management system are you using? I can help you upload fully-formatted and optimized content in line with your publishing requirements.

My Specialities

While I have written many topics, there are some that make me smile like a suitor whose love interest finally gave in to his advances. Wondering what those specialities may be?

Long-form blog posts

I specialize in writing and refreshing SaaS and B2B content, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a different topic.

Whitepapers and Case Studies

Do you have a product whose features you want to highlight to your prospects? I can help you craft a compelling whitepaper that convinces potential clients to choose your product over competitors.

Website Copywriting

Get website copy that helps your visitors trust that you can solve their problems and give you their money.

Email Copywriting

Get high converting email copy that nurtures a relationship with your email list and converts them into your customers.

Non-fiction Ebooks

I do self-development, dieting, biographies and mental health ebooks. Do you already have a detailed outline and NDA with you?

Ready to hire me?

I believe we are a perfect match if you’ve reached this far. But let’s take a moment and review our checklist and see if we can get into a stellar relationship, shall we?


You know the value that comes from an effective content marketing strategy

You have a detailed content brief that shows the path we are going to follow throughout the project
You are responsive and can find time to clarify an issue during the project
You have an NDA for me to sign and comfortable paying 50% upfront