Growth begins with stories. Benefit-driven stories are the way to sell your product without shoving it down people’s throats.

Use product-led storytelling to acquire sales-ready leads.

Product-led storytelling is a form of SaaS content writing that shows your prospects how they can use your product to solve their problem such that by the time they are done reading, they are convinced you may be the right guy to work with.

Sales ready leads are prospects who have already experienced your product through product-led stories and perceive you as their preferred brand when they are ready to buy.

Let me help you acquire sales ready leads through product-led storytelling.

Here is my product-led storytelling process:

Product-led storytelling

→ Clarify the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for the story
→ Create an outline from your Storybrief
→ Get approval for the outline from you to create the draft
→ Attract and filter the ICP from the rest of your target audience in the headline and introduction.
→ Engage the filtered ICP using stories in the body
→ Show how your product can solve the problem
→ Infuse annotated screenshots of your product in action
→ Use relevant CTAs to convert them into users
→ Check readability score to match a 12-year-old’s reading level to eliminate the curse of knowledge
→ Optimize content for distribution

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