Hey! Happy to meet you.

My name is Vincent. I’m a freelance SaaS and B2B copywriter from the green city under the sun, Nairobi, Kenya.

Yeah, that place with lots of lions and zebras. Remember the Hakuna matata song from Lion King? Now Kenya is home to those beautiful beasts.

But you are here to learn about who I actually am rather than my favorite movie, right?

I decided to give it a try because there was nothing I would lose if I failed at it.

I was a 19 year-old sophomore looking for something to do during his free time after completing university classes.

Denzil made few edits to my first article and told me I had a potential to become a successful content writer if I was willing to put in the hard work and consistency.

I joined the writing group and never looked back.

Since 2018, I have been building upon the foundation of SaaS expertise and today I have worked with several companies in the industry.


I have written about important digital marketing topics such as conversion rate optimization, direct response copywriting, CRM , thought leadership marketing and social media marketing.

I have worked with many digital marketing agencies such as IDI Consultancy based in Hamburg Germany, NOBS Link in Australia, and Lemon Pulse in Glasgow, Scotland as a content writer.

I also publish posts about self development on Medium.com where I have made lots of online friends and learned a great deal on how to grow my career as a writer.

Fast forward to 2021.

Today I spend most of my time writing long-form blog posts and web copies for great companies around the world.


Because I believe that a great marketer must continuously improve his skills, I did these certification courses.

✔ The Internet’s Best Copywriting Course by Jacob Mcmillen.
✔ Fundamentals of Digital Marketing from Google Digital Garage.
✔ Inbound Marketing Certification from Hubspot.
✔ SEO Marketing Certification from SEMrush.
✔ Four Levels of Ninja Writing by Shani Raja.

Now the fun facts

Here are my favorite things:

Writers: Gary Halbert (The Boron Letters), Eugene M. Schwartz (BreakThrough Advertising) , Alex Banayan (The Third Door), Rollo Tomassi (The Rational Male)

TV Shows: Mad Men, Billions, The Blacklist, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Power and its spinoffs.

Movies: The Wolf of Wallstreet, Boiler room, The Matrix Trilogy, THX 1138, Lion King.

Food: Ugali and tilapia fish stew


Hanging out with friends

Reading books

Watching Messi play football

Want to learn more about me?

It’s impossible to squeeze everything on this page. But I want this website to be an extension of me so that we can get to really know each other.

If you want to work with me, or get tips on how to advance your writing career, you can shoot me an email at vincentotieno2099@gmail.com or book a call.