Product-led Storytelling for SaaS companies

Hi, I’m Vincent. I write long-form blog posts and website copy that help SaaS companies attract, engage, and most importantly, compel ideal customers to sign up for their SaaS products or request a demo.

I’ve written for companies like:.

Lum Dakaj

Marketing Manager, The Uniclix App

“I am a huge fan of Vincent due to my incredible experience working with him as an SEO copywriter. He created high quality ultimate guides that ended up on the first page of Google as he promised. He is results-oriented and committed to meeting our needs as an SEO Copywriter. I would highly recommend working with him.”

SaaS prospects want to experience your product first before they sign up, and product-led storytelling can help create meaningful experiences

In this Product-led growth era, your prospects don’t care about your company blog, fancy case studies and all that gated content bullshit you force down their throat! 

They just want to experience your product to see if it can solve their problem or not. 

Product-led storytelling is a product-focused form of SaaS content marketing that allows you to deliver these meaningful experiences while your ideal customer is reading your content. 

It involves creating stories that show how your product will help people overcome a specific challenge and in the process, convert readers into your product users. 

That is how Ahrefs is able to acquire at least 2000 users every week. 

Do you need help? As a freelance SaaS copywriter I can help you create content that:


Attracts your target audience and filters ICPs at the same time

Using benefit-driven headlines and introductory stories that calls out the ICPs the content is intended for and filtering out the non-fits.

Engages the filtered ICPs with relevant stories

Showing them how to solve their problems using your SaaS product.


Persuades and converts them to users

By crafting CTAs that compel them to take your product for a spin – signing up for trials or requesting a demo.

Lesley Nickus

Content Marketing Manager, Weedmaps

“Copywriting is a rare skill in many, but Vincent has it in abundance. While I was expecting a standard copy, Vincent proved me wrong by going beyond to deliver a phenomenal copy. I’m thinking of not editing the copy because I may interfere with the structure and intent. I must hire Vincent for another Copywriting project.”

Leave copywriting to me and focus on other marketing duties

Website Copywriting

Get web copy and landing pages that entice visitors to stay on your website and become your customers — not turn to your competitors

✔ Audience research
✔ Attention-grabbing headlines
✔ High-converting copy
✔ Clear CTAs

Long-form Blog Copywriting

Get blog content that attracts quality leads from Google and converts them into customers

✔ Audience research
✔ Keyword research
✔ On page SEO
✔ Blog writing and editing

Email Copywriting

Get an email copy that engages and converts your email list into customers.

✔ Catchy Subject Lines
✔ Interesting Hook
✔ An Exciting Story
✔ A Great Pitch
✔ A Clear CTA

Adriana Stein

Founder, Adriana Stein Marketing

“Vincent delivered fantastic work on the SEO project. I hired him for my marketing agency and I enjoyed working with him. His communication was top-notch and he met all the deadlines. I know he has great writing skills. I would recommend him if you need content writing services.”

Who I work with

SaaS Companies

I work with SaaS companies that want to grow their authority in their niche, increase conversions and revenue through content marketing.

B2B companies

I help B2B brands create high-converting landing pages, web and email copies that help them acquire more customers.